The Perks of our Hotel

It is possible to describe the strengths of our mini-hotel for a very long time, but it is best to briefly list the main advantages:

Great cozy restaurant serving delicious local cuisine. The Alps are on the border of Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Monaco, Germany, Liechtenstein and France, so the variety of local dishes will surprise even the avid gourmets, as well as the refinement of most of them. Also, there you can organize a banquet, wedding, or a corporate party.

A fair price. This applies to all hotel rooms. We do not represent a famous franchise, which will try to raise their prices with a well-known name.
Convenient location. The ski lifts are just ten minutes away. It is not too close for tourists to ride there, but not too far to join them.

Parking is guarded round the clock.
Convenient transportation. Very often people come to us with the help of Bananacar, having found their travel companions at the gate of the hotel.
Free Wi-Fi and cable TV.

Despite the small size, the hotel can accommodate and hold up 70 people at a time.