About the Hotel

The hotel is similar to an old manor house, where a relatively small number of rooms are more than compensated not only for the quality of their decoration, but also for their diversity. The rooms differ in space. There are numbers that are best suited for romantically-minded couples or people who came to the mountains in order to establish a personal connection with the World and feel its subtle vibrations. And there are those where you can drop in with the whole family with children and not feel themselves cramped, even if the kids are behaving particularly actively.

The rooms are stylishly decorated, many wooden details decorate each room. There are rooms with artificial fireplaces.
Additionally, the hotel has a sauna, a games room where you can leave the kids and go hiking, as well as a parking lot. In short, despite its small size, the infrastructure is at more than a high level.
The hotel staff is a friendly team of professionals who make every effort to ensure that everything remains of high quality. The advantage of our hotel consists in an individual approach. We take care of our guests with almost family love, remembering everybody’s preference.