Welcome to our Hotel in the mountains of Chamonix French Alps

Traditional alpine cabin in the mountains of Chamonix French Alps

Our family-oriented hotel offers the genuine home comfort and experience to add into your vacation to the mountains. Huge hotels are good, that means status and comfort, but this type of hotel doesn’t always fit into the situation. The mountains speak to people in a very special way, and the only way to maintain that connection is to be one with nature. This is why our mini-hotel is the best way to experience your vacation in the mountains.

Cozy, spacious, and stylish rooms will be remembered as a place that gave our guests an unforgettable vacation.

As it is known, Alps are the tallest and most stretched out mountain range which is placed on the territory of the old world. But the height of the local peaks is not the only reason why people are coming. For many the alps is the place for you to disconnect from the daily routine of the big city. The beauty and energy of the place will leave a mark in you for the rest of your entire life. Here every view you see out of a window leaves the impression that it belongs on a postcard or the work of a talented artist, tourism is developed at an expectedly high level.

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So not only natural beauty, but the well-developed infrastructure makes the Alps one of the favorite holiday destinations for all lovers of alpine skiing, unpolluted nature and hiking from all European countries, attracting tourists from the far corners of the world. Such popularity requires a correspondingly high level of hotels that work here. In addition, high competition also does not allow to lower the bar of quality.

We are proud to say that in its price segment our hotel occupies one of the leading places. We do not offer a mass product, but something unique, something memorable.